Searching the snow

Taking advantage of warm of this weekend, although in theory is blown winter, we went in search of snow on one of the special stages proposed for next year in Transcarpatic Rally Raid.We got ready early in the morning and started wandering around the Carpathian Woodlands.

In the first section of the supposed stage being a altinudine about 900m we found only a little mud due to high temperatures and picturesque landscapes . The gravel road condition is excellent for a speed test.

Everything changed when we entered the heart of the forest and reached an altitude of almost 1200m where we were surprised to see the first snow of this year, which managed to conserve due to the low temperatures.

Taking advantage of this opportunity we filmed one of the passages of our route, which we will let you see below.

Probably this being the last outing of this year the Transcarpatic Rally Team wishes you a Marry Christmas  and a Happy New Year .

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