Pana la (Until) Pana la ( Until) Late Fee
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M1 – M6 FIM-E375 450 500
Quad,Atv FIM-E 375 450 500
Femei FIM-E 325 350 400
Veterani FIM-E 375 450 500
SSV FIM-E 400 450 500
Moto: – 450CC, +450CC
FRM coef. 3
375 450 550
Moto: Adventure
FRM coef. 3
200 250 300
Transcarpatic Rally
International Trophy
450 500 550
TH1, TH2, TH3, TH4
TRAS coef. 3
400 450 500
FRAS coef. 3
200 250 300

The registration fee covers:

  1. Documentation and administration,
  2. Sports rights of sportifs (road book, competition numbers, etc.),
  3. For motorcycles and quads % SSV: transport of fuel to fuel points during special stage,
  4. Bivouac Access & Camping,
  5. Recovery of vehicles on the route and transport to bivouac,
  6. Medical assistance during the race and transport to hospitals, if necessary,
  7. Civil liability against third parties for race vehicles.
  8. Free Internet in bivouac,
  9. The award ceremony.

The fee does not cover:

  1. Fuel,
  2. Accommodation and food,
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Visas and other relevant expenditure,
  5. Personal insurance / Repatriation expenses / Cost of sports license,
  6. The expenses related to the monitoring equipment.

• Anyone wishing to attend the event must register online at www.transcarpaticrally.com .

• Any application for registration, in order to be validated, must be accompanied by the sum of the registration fees and copies of the essential documents.

• Applications for registration will be selected based on the arrival date at the Race Secretariat.

• By hiring, the competitor and all the crew members submit to the sports courts recognized by the CIS, as well as the provisions of the Supplementary Regulations of the event.

• The competitor and all the crew members registered in the Transcarpatic Rally Raid 2021, are fully aware of the risks that this event may cause. They pre-empt the organizer of any criminal liability in case of a physical or material accident during the race.

All motorcycle,quad, atv & SSV riders must have a national licence and a start permit issued by their ASN in order to start.


The organizer reserves the right to invalidate entries that have not been paid in full before August 31, 2021.

Competitors who pay a minimum advance of 50% of taxes, as per a period in the grid, will pay the difference corresponding to that period until August 31, 2021.

Closing of entries: August 31, 2021, after this date a late fee will be charged mentioned in the grid and in the Supplementary Regulations.

Payments must be made by SWIFT bank transfer (the bank details of the Trans Carpatic Club are also mentioned in the registration form). The reference of your transfer registration (name or team name) should be mentioned.

The start will be refused to any competitor who has not paid the participation fees.

Bank details:

Clubul Trans Carpatic

Brasov – Romania,Str.Zorilor,nr.5,bl.D5,sc.B,ap.37

CUI 18657268



RO42INGB0000999907693807 lei

RO88INGB0000999907693949 euro

Cancellation policy
all refunds will be made after 01/10/2021


Entry fees will be refunded in full:

•to candidates whose entry has not been accepted;

•in the case of the event not taking place.


Entry fees may be partially refunded following such conditions as provided for in the Supplementary Regulations

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