FIM Europe Tout Terrain-Rally Cup 2021


To participate in the FIM Europe TT- Rally Cup a rider must hold a regular driving licence and a proper National licence of his Federation and starting permission.

Motorcycles and quads and their equipment must comply with the National legal requirements for Road Trafic of the country in which the vehicle is registered and with any other rules specified in the Supplementary Regulations.

Riders must conform to the traffic regulations in force in each locality crossed during the competition. Any competitor convicted of an offence against such regulations may, after an enquiry be disqualified or have others penalties imposed by the C.o.C. and confirmed by the International Jury an provided in the FIM Europe arbitration and Disciplinary Code and in the TT Rally Rules.

All motorcycles must comply with FIM Europe/FIM Technical regulations.

Riders must wear appropriate equipment, including any protection established by the FIM Technical Code, in addition to Mobile phone in waterproof packaging (able to phone out and receive calls) which will be open with a loud sound, GPS and extra batteries for hours autonomy.

For Romanian sportifs, who want to qualify and score in the FIM Europe TT-Rally Cup and who in the National Championship of Romania run under the auspices of FRAS in the SSV category, we recommend obtaining a national license from FRM and the starting permision issued by it federation. For additional information please contact in advance.

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