Press release

Press release No. 2/ 2021.09.21

1. We inform you that for security reasons on 22.09.2021 special stage 1 will be replaced by a prologue with a total length of 5.07 Km, the special stage being postponed to 25.09.2021.

Press release No. 1/ 2021.09.07

1. At the administrative checks from 22.09.2021, the competitors are asked to declare the attendants (team managers, mechanics, etc.) in order to be registered, to receive badges in order to have access to the service park and to the race PC. . These being inside the ROMAN SA enterprise.

2. The competitors from the moto, SSV categories, taking into account the low autonomy, will refuel on the special stages after 80-90 km. At the briefing you will find out exactly and it will also appear in the road book. Throughout the event you will have 2 (two) refills at the canister on 23.09.2021 and 2 (two) refills on 24.09.2021. The organizer’s vehicles will transport the fuel canisters to the refueling points.

3. Competitors in the PROMO TH, PROMO SSV and Moto ADVENTURE categories will cover approximately 62% (634 km) of the total length of the special stages.

4. The beacons, for GPS tracking, provided by RALLYGPS will be handed to the competitors for administrative verification. The rent is 140 RON + VAT, it is paid at the administrative check. On you can find the instructions for use, please read.

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