For safety reasons pilots must carry with them the following material: :

• 2 litres « camelback » type drinking system for moto,

• Mobile phone in waterproof packaging with high sound level and able to call/receive within the EU.
• 1 lunch pack,

• 1 distress mirror,

• 1 compass,

• 1 lighter,

• 1 foil survival blanket per person (2m x 1m env.),

• 1 first aid kit (art. 080.27.1),

• 1 GPS / Sentinel,

• back and front body armour.

See FIA/IM Cross Country Rallies, art. 080.28

All pilots coming to the start of a leg without all the compulsory survival equipment (water and safety material) will have a time limit of 30 minutes in which to conform to these regulations.

All lateness over 30 minutes will result in exclusion from the race.

 Safety and survival equipment must be accessible without dismantling, so that the race direction may carry out checks before the start of each leg.


Over the entire route the wearing of back and front body armor is compulsory.

Over the entire route the wearing of Leatt Brace neck protector is strongly recommended.

The wearing of an FIM homologated helmet is compulsory throughout the race, on pain of disqualification.

The helmet, less than 5 years old, must be presented at scrutineering, at the same time as the machines.

Checks of the safety equipment can be done by officials, at the start of each Selective Sectors or at any other moment. If not in conformity, the start will be refused.


The motorbikes must have:
– light
– brake light
– horn
– rear fender with mudguard
– copy of number plate


The Quads must have:
– light
– brake light
– horn
– nerf bars
– kill switch


The crews must have:

– safety seat Harness CE or higher (FIA )
– 2 fire extinguishers 2kg CO2 or fire system
– medical box
– helmets (MX with gogles or Car helmets in case of windscreen,FIA)
– suits CE or hig(FIA )
– intercom

– safety belts (FIA )

– minimum 2 (two) spare wheels

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