Road book 2022

All crews will receive a Road Book containing a detailed description of the compulsory itinerary.

The compulsory itinerary of the Rally is defined in the Road Book by the road direction diagrams and between the road direction diagrams, by the defined road/track if it exists. The Road Book may be also only or partially in electronic format and can be part of the NAV-GPS.

The route is secret, it appears in the Road Book which will be distributed to the competitors for each stage.

The Road Book is in A5 standard FIA and FIM format for cars, motorcycles, quads and SSVs with a width of 145 mm. The request can be granted in electronic format.

The Official Road Book is in English. The minimum distance of the unit is 10 meters, and participants must calibrate their computers the day before the race.

The standard kilometer is the GPS kilometer.

The route is divided into “connecting” sectors and “selective” timed sectors. In the connection sector, competitors must follow the route with a defined average speed and a set time.

Selective sectors must be completed as soon as possible, and the sum of all the selective sectors at all stages will define the winner.

Any penalties will be added so far.

Backflow path of roadbook.á on selective sectors is prohibited.

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